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GMAT is on!

250 bucks well spent? Hope so.

Finally, i got the date for the GMAT – 14th August it is gonna be!

And then Independence! (Really??? What about your essays baby?)

1.5 months & hardly any work done to prepare. I think I need to get going on the Veritas packets immediately, and think about anything else later


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Full steam needed on GMAT

Got the packet from Veritas (thru Career Launcher) – seems pretty exhaustive, but those are just first thoughts. I hope this is a Rs.10K better spent than the Barron’s and Nova guides that I bought last month – utter rubbish – if someone can crack the GMAT based on that, they could have done it in their sleep anyways

This material is coupled with 10 tests, 5 from Veritas, 5 from 800score – that should give me enough practice – and maybe I can get some CDs from NehruPlace like BVS suggested

So now the actual test registration needs to be done – will do that soon; need to decide first by when I would be ready – end July would be too soon, September is cutting it too fine (wouldnt have any fallback in case I get screwed up on first attempt) so somewhere in August…

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Why Wharton

Another gr8 summary of why Wharton…. From Fanaticalfan on the S2S discussion boards at Wharton.

One of the things about Wharton is that it has one of the largest class sizes of any b-school, which means there are large numbers of students going into many fields. Even 5% of the class going into a specific field is still 40 students. When combined with outstanding u/g and EMBA program, and a strong reputation for supporting cutting edge research, Wharton is able to attract outstanding faculty across many areas, whereas smaller schools may well have to specialize. For example, while Wharton well may be a finance mecca, it also has the most published marketing faculty of any b-school in the world.


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H / W / S

I came across this on the s2s discussion boards.

Great insight on the difference between Harvard, Wharton and Stanford! So here goes…

“H/W/S” has become shorthand for generic Top American Business School, but in reality the schools have different strengths, educational philosophies, and emphases in admissions. They are anything but generic. These are some difference between these schools:


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