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My first “SUBMIT”

MIT Sloan has been submitted – The first in my series of school apps.

Next up: Darden !


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Sloan recos submitted

And what a task it was to get my recommenders to do this!

Last week I had discussed the Sloan and Darden reco details with Rec1. He’d asked me write out all the points we discussed, and send him the bullets. Boy, thats what happens when you have reported to someone for more than a year – he expects you to do the dirty job, while he can ‘fine-tune’ the material and submit it. And in this case, I’d not even reported to the guy for more than two years now… but I’m damn thankful to him, and I still need to get 5-6 more recos done with him.

Rec2 was a whole new game in itself. After chasing him for the last two (more…)

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Dont know how many people are applying to MIT Sloan, but their essays are too tough. They require many more examples and much more introspection. Check these out:

1. When did you have an impact on a group / organization?

2. Challenging interaction with a person or group?

3. A time when you defended an idea?

4. A time when you executed a plan?

The bigger challenge is to show a ‘complete’ picture of (more…)

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An update on my app.process

Darden :

Reviewer 1 said the first essay needs to be better aligned with the question – what matters most to you? Currently it seems like a regular career essay without passion. Ok point taken. I almost knew this beforehand 🙂 The other two essays have some feedback points, which I’ve incorporated. Now to get that passion! And send them to reviewer 2.

MIT Sloan:

Reviewer 1 has only been able to check the essays and needs to go thu them in more detail later. First thoughts: cover letter looks quite (more…)

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Whatta weekend! I’m sooooooo happy I got thru the first draft of my essays for both MIT Sloan and UVa Darden, and sent them to one of my reviewers. I’m thinking I’ll wait for her feedback before sending it to the second reviewer. No point in duplicating feedback from reviewers, esp with my truckload of schools! Also, I’ll probably complete my Sloan cover letter too by then…

Ok, getting back to work – ambitious me is gonna do the Tuck essays tonite!

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After my dismal performance in meeting R1 deadlines for my top schools, I’m now taking a different path. My basic career goals essay is done, and the aim is to now take essays by school and complete them. I realized I was going all over the place trying to hit sixes!

I’m onto my MIT Sloan essays full steam now. After a fortnight of (more…)

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I think I’ve finalized the schools where I’m going to apply this year. It has been a tough decision leaving out some schools as there are 2-3 atleast where I wouldn’t mind being in Fall’08. But there had to be a limit – with 4-5 essays per school, not to forget the 250 bucks, I think my chosen ten is still a tall order.

So in order of my deadlines, the list goes like this: (more…)

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