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One more application submitted – my third in two weeks!

Tuck was relatively simpler since I used most of the raw material from my previous essays. The tough element was Why Tuck, and also Contributing to Tuck. But I think I’d (more…)


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Chill Pill

I found this post from Patxi  (LBS’08) hilarious, and could not resist reproducing it here.

It is an exchange that appeared in Craigslist, and is damn funny. Its about a self-proclaimed beautiful woman asking for advice on (more…)

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May the FORCE be with you

Midway into the Round 1 season, interview invites have started and many blogosphere residents have received / scheduled / completed their High Fives!

A congratulatory (more…)

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I intended to post this a couple of weeks back, but somehow it remained in my draft folder. In the meanwhile, Happy Diwali to everyone!!!


Can “25-Sigma events be happening for 3 days in a row”?

Should they not occur only once in, say 100,000 yrs? But lo & behold, its (more…)

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Thank God for reviewers

What would most of us do if it weren’t for those kind souls called reviewers, who go out of their way, spending time beyond their busy schedules, to read our essays, think about what the school might be looking for, evaluate whether the whole essay package is fulfilling that and giving the adcoms a complete picture, and then provide valuable tips and guidance on what to do?

Phew, a 66 word sentence! My reviewers would never (more…)

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A status update on my productivity in this beautiful week*:

Tuck – first drafts complete, sent to reviewers. I don’t anticipate major changes, except in the ‘constructive criticism’ one, which I’m not too confident of.

LBS – 4 essays+resume done, Essays 3 & 4 to be (more…)

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Adrenaline rush

After the two submissions, I feel I’m on fire! I’m raring to write more essays! In factI feel I have ONLY 5-6 more schools to go, and life would become a vacuum once all my apps are in. 🙂 I think I’m feeling this way after (more…)

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