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’nuff said

I’ve been finding it really difficult to maintain this blog. Not that there’s nothing happening in my MBA journey – on the contrary, there’s too much on right now…

  1. Application for the LBS-HSBC loan: its just too much paperwork!
  2. Planning the UK student visa (which can’t happen till the loan does…)
  3. My last few days at my job – I think I’m working more than I did in the last 6 months
  4. Agonizing over M’s job & visa status
  5. …and then there’s the IPL 😀
So much as I hate to write this, I think the time’s come for me to move on, from this blog – especially since I started feeling I really didnt have much value to add. Plus its been 365 days (a whole year!!!) since I started this blog, and its better to stop than keep posting inane, mundane, arcane stuff that nobody (including me) is bothered about. What I do promise, however, is to:
  1. Filter, sort & classify my posts, just in case it helps any future applicants
  2. Blog through my LBS journey [currently WIP :  oopsatlbs.wordpress.com]
So, all the best to all ye comrades moving on to schools across the world! And to all the applicants in their journey towards the school of their choice! Adieu…



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