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’nuff said

I’ve been finding it really difficult to maintain this blog. Not that there’s nothing happening in my MBA journey – on the contrary, there’s too much on right now…

  1. Application for the LBS-HSBC loan: its just too much paperwork!
  2. Planning the UK student visa (which can’t happen till the loan does…)
  3. My last few days at my job – I think I’m working more than I did in the last 6 months
  4. Agonizing over M’s job & visa status
  5. …and then there’s the IPL 😀
So much as I hate to write this, I think the time’s come for me to move on, from this blog – especially since I started feeling I really didnt have much value to add. Plus its been 365 days (a whole year!!!) since I started this blog, and its better to stop than keep posting inane, mundane, arcane stuff that nobody (including me) is bothered about. What I do promise, however, is to:
  1. Filter, sort & classify my posts, just in case it helps any future applicants
  2. Blog through my LBS journey [currently WIP :  oopsatlbs.wordpress.com]
So, all the best to all ye comrades moving on to schools across the world! And to all the applicants in their journey towards the school of their choice! Adieu…



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That says it all… 

Thank you everyone – Clearadmit, Fellow bloggers (esp. Curlybee, for predicting this post), readers and commenters, all B school adcoms for providing the ammunition, my parents for you-know-what, my friends & colleagues for you-don’tknow-what, wordpress for letting me host the blog, Vincent Cerf for creating the internet, my dog for not existing, my… Stop! STOP! Have I won the Oscar or something? Hey, I just came in 3rd ! 😀

Btw, shouldn’t the “Most Entertaining Blog” win the entertainment device? 😉

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And the winners are…

Ladies & Gentlemen,The honors for today go to…

GOLD: Happybunny

SILVER: Tinydancer

BRONZE: Julydream

And if you haven’t guessed it yet, they are the (more…)

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The Silver lining

Every dark cloud has a silver lining…

I got my silver lining with all your comments on my previous post – it really helped me get back on track and look at everything I’ve gained in the last ten months (so many new friends & well-wishers in the blogsphere) rather than what I lost out on (so many dings…)

Thanks guys! I really appreciate the warm support I’ve got from all of you over the past months, especially last week when I needed it most.

On a relatively side note, I got into LBS – yes!!! LBS is a great school and it was not in my top 3 choices previously, only because M could get her transfer to the US, and not UK (and that has changed now). So why is this a side note? Only because right now it pails in significance vs the support from all of you.

Now, as things stand today, I have six Dings, one Accept, one Black Box 😉 What I’m doing right now is to evaluate whether I am going to do an MBA at all…


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Dates on my radar…
Wharton final decision: 27th Mar (anytime after 7th Mar?)

ChiGSB final decision: 26th Mar (anytime after 7th Mar?)

HBS interview decision: 26th Mar (expected Ding!)

LBS final decision: 28th Mar

Columbia interview decision: anytime (hope dies in a week!)

On another note, I have finally crossed 100 posts (this one is the 101st) – surprising bcoz I wasnt sure initially whether this attempt at blogging would be sustained beyond 8-10 posts, but the entire application process (starting with the GMATs, then the essays, and now interviews) has been so all-consuming that I have been literally surviving on my blog and other blogosphere comrades.

To share some basic analysis (after all I’m a consultant, we get orgasms at the hint of data),

100 posts in 276 days : average 66 hours between posts (great!)

36,855 views : 135 views daily (270 views daily in the last 2-3 months)

311 comments : more than 3 involved readers for every post 🙂

3216 spam : now thats what I call a popular blog !

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Now that a lot of Round One decisions have started, many people have a great holiday season to look ahead to… but thats only half the story.
A larger number are in the process of fine-tuning their balance applications, maybe even overhauling entire essays!
I found a nice blog post with advice on how to approach Round Two… check it out, all ye banished-to-dingland folks, there’s always more to look forward to!

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A big round of congratulations to all R1 admits, especially fellow bloggers…
bschoolbound: Wharton
mbarunnergirl: Chicago, Columbia
tinydancer: Wharton
mbabound08: Kellogg
chaos: ISB
powerleveler: INSEAD
And some fresh interview calls:
mbabound08: Berkeley
julydream: Darden
achilles: Stern
usha: ISB
chaos: Tuck
I’m sure there are many more admits in our blogosphere, which will be posted once the partying is thru… way to go, guys! For the waitlisters, I’m sure you are working on other R2 apps while waiting on H/S/etc decisions. I’ll be joining you soon (next week/month/year – hey I love saying this) in the long wait  – though I’m already a bit concerned with the slow MIT & Darden processes!!!

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