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’nuff said

I’ve been finding it really difficult to maintain this blog. Not that there’s nothing happening in my MBA journey – on the contrary, there’s too much on right now…

  1. Application for the LBS-HSBC loan: its just too much paperwork!
  2. Planning the UK student visa (which can’t happen till the loan does…)
  3. My last few days at my job – I think I’m working more than I did in the last 6 months
  4. Agonizing over M’s job & visa status
  5. …and then there’s the IPL 😀
So much as I hate to write this, I think the time’s come for me to move on, from this blog – especially since I started feeling I really didnt have much value to add. Plus its been 365 days (a whole year!!!) since I started this blog, and its better to stop than keep posting inane, mundane, arcane stuff that nobody (including me) is bothered about. What I do promise, however, is to:
  1. Filter, sort & classify my posts, just in case it helps any future applicants
  2. Blog through my LBS journey [currently WIP :  oopsatlbs.wordpress.com]
So, all the best to all ye comrades moving on to schools across the world! And to all the applicants in their journey towards the school of their choice! Adieu…



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J@ck in the Box

I’ve been away from meaningful blogging for some time… have been trying to gather my thoughts, and think about my life – past, present & future! Why?

B’coz I’m faced with a giant step (only for me ‘n’ my family, no ‘leap for mankind’ stuff here) in terms of family, career, and other bits of personal life.  Should I go to London Business School? Tough call… but I’ve finally decided 🙂

I’m going to LBS (hey, can I hear some of you saying “I knew it”?) and the only two things that would stop me now are (1) Visa (2) HSBC loan – or rather, not getting any one of these.

While I’ve been vacillating between the Yes & No over these past two weeks, what finally started tilting the decision was the arrival of the admit packet from LBS, containing the usual suspects: the welcome letter, a thin brochure-type, and a pen-drive with all other important stuff (after all, its a paper-less world now…) There was also a London Lonely planet guide, which I thought was a particularly nice idea. All this in a really cool leather folder!

Add to this, the interaction on the LBS portal and the HUGE amount of usable / practical information available there,  and I was finally bought over!

Its another matter that the price (GBP 45K in tuition) is going from my pocket 😉

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Reverse the ding!

I dinged Columbia!

They were taking too much time with the application, so I withdrew from the process – so thats one less variable for my decisions. Though I am still not sure if I’m going for an MBA, I am now sure that if I do, I’ll take LBS over Columbia – even if Columbia were to offer me a free ride (a long shot anyways…)

Five reasons why I prefer LBS over Columbia:

  1. LBS is much more global – almost 90% non-UK citizens, more than 60-70% non EU
  2. The students’ age / experience profile fits in better with my own preferences
  3. UK/Europe economy is in a better state than US, reduced risk of non-target sector employment
  4. Working visa for partners (if M decides to come, she doesn’t need to depend on a transfer within her current employer)
  5. 8 hours (overnight) journey to/from India (if M decides not to come, we can meet more often due to shorter, cheaper, and better air connectivity) 

Does this mean LBS is a better school than Columbia? Absolutely not – both are great in their own different ways, and what matters when one is taking a call is to evaluate whats good for you – think beyond ratings! (Fall’09 applicants: this is for you!)

So am I going for LBS? Maybe, maybe not – I need another week to think thru. If I take tinydancer’s advice of following my gut feel, then I’ll pay the LBS fees right now! But I’m just giving my head one more chance to convince my heart!

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Now comes the big thing – actually making a big decision in my life!

First decision point: Do I want an MBA at this stage? Now before anyone questions that this should have been the first decision and not the last, I agree. But being the ultimate procrastinator, I had pushed this (more…)

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Now whats this?

Just received this email from HBS… don’t know what to make of it, I never knew something like this was possible…

Dear Oops,
Congratulations, we have evaluated your application and are extending an invitation for you to interview with us as the next phase of the admissions process.


We regret that due to an inadvertent error, your status on our application website was misreported. We apologize for this. Congratulations once again.




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The Silver lining

Every dark cloud has a silver lining…

I got my silver lining with all your comments on my previous post – it really helped me get back on track and look at everything I’ve gained in the last ten months (so many new friends & well-wishers in the blogsphere) rather than what I lost out on (so many dings…)

Thanks guys! I really appreciate the warm support I’ve got from all of you over the past months, especially last week when I needed it most.

On a relatively side note, I got into LBS – yes!!! LBS is a great school and it was not in my top 3 choices previously, only because M could get her transfer to the US, and not UK (and that has changed now). So why is this a side note? Only because right now it pails in significance vs the support from all of you.

Now, as things stand today, I have six Dings, one Accept, one Black Box 😉 What I’m doing right now is to evaluate whether I am going to do an MBA at all…


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One…Two… Three

Morning: Ding from HBS (so now its official)
Evening: Ding from ChiGSB (how come???)
Night: Ding from Wharton (huh…)
Over & Out !

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