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Reverse the ding!

I dinged Columbia!

They were taking too much time with the application, so I withdrew from the process – so thats one less variable for my decisions. Though I am still not sure if I’m going for an MBA, I am now sure that if I do, I’ll take LBS over Columbia – even if Columbia were to offer me a free ride (a long shot anyways…)

Five reasons why I prefer LBS over Columbia:

  1. LBS is much more global – almost 90% non-UK citizens, more than 60-70% non EU
  2. The students’ age / experience profile fits in better with my own preferences
  3. UK/Europe economy is in a better state than US, reduced risk of non-target sector employment
  4. Working visa for partners (if M decides to come, she doesn’t need to depend on a transfer within her current employer)
  5. 8 hours (overnight) journey to/from India (if M decides not to come, we can meet more often due to shorter, cheaper, and better air connectivity) 

Does this mean LBS is a better school than Columbia? Absolutely not – both are great in their own different ways, and what matters when one is taking a call is to evaluate whats good for you – think beyond ratings! (Fall’09 applicants: this is for you!)

So am I going for LBS? Maybe, maybe not – I need another week to think thru. If I take tinydancer’s advice of following my gut feel, then I’ll pay the LBS fees right now! But I’m just giving my head one more chance to convince my heart!


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Now comes the big thing – actually making a big decision in my life!

First decision point: Do I want an MBA at this stage? Now before anyone questions that this should have been the first decision and not the last, I agree. But being the ultimate procrastinator, I had pushed this (more…)

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3/3 dings from my R1 apps!

1/5 (ie. HBS) in R2… but I’m still optimistic

ChiGSB calls have started, and though I’ve yet to receive one, I’d rather wait for 9am CST tomorrow before jumping to conclusions!

Next are Wharton (27th) and LBS (28th) – whatta week this is going to be 😉

And Columbia is still to send me the interview invite – maybe this week?


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I’m Back :-p

Some word-associations for the last fortnight…

Wait, Travel, Hectic, Wait, Friends, Tension, Wait, Beer, Campus-visits, Wait!

Almost 20 days since my last post, and one of my least-blogging months since I started this blog. I am now back in India after 2 weeks of hectic traveling, work and partying!

A quick update (before some more detailed posts later):

  • Completed my LBS interview 2 weeks back, and left for a work/leisure trip to the US on the same day
  • Visited Chicago (on work), NYC & Philly (friends N family)
  • No prizes for guessing which schools I visited (okay… GSB, Wharton, CBS… for those who still couldn’t guess!)
  • Averaged about 7-8 pints of beer daily(!) over the last one week
  • Back to work today 😦

Will post more details and pics soon – lotsa pending work to catch up on!

PS- And what was the ‘wait’ all about? Huh

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Dates on my radar…
Wharton final decision: 27th Mar (anytime after 7th Mar?)

ChiGSB final decision: 26th Mar (anytime after 7th Mar?)

HBS interview decision: 26th Mar (expected Ding!)

LBS final decision: 28th Mar

Columbia interview decision: anytime (hope dies in a week!)

On another note, I have finally crossed 100 posts (this one is the 101st) – surprising bcoz I wasnt sure initially whether this attempt at blogging would be sustained beyond 8-10 posts, but the entire application process (starting with the GMATs, then the essays, and now interviews) has been so all-consuming that I have been literally surviving on my blog and other blogosphere comrades.

To share some basic analysis (after all I’m a consultant, we get orgasms at the hint of data),

100 posts in 276 days : average 66 hours between posts (great!)

36,855 views : 135 views daily (270 views daily in the last 2-3 months)

311 comments : more than 3 involved readers for every post 🙂

3216 spam : now thats what I call a popular blog !

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Love is all around

I cannot believe the amount of love I’m getting today! Everywhere!
Sample these… 

Love sample 1: I was traveling today evening to Hyderabad (more on the ‘why’ later) and the airline had a special lucky seat gift for Valentine’s Day. You guessed it! I got the gift out of 200 odd seats, and the gift was, hold your breath…. a diamond pendant!!!

Love sample 2: I checked into the hotel where I had a reservation. Unfortunately my travel plans had been extended recently, so I was staying here for 2 nights instead of one originally. I had a separate booking for the second night which I pointed out to the reception desk manager. They asked me whether I wanted to stay in the same room on the second night (isnt that obvious?) & that’s when I came to know that availability – or the lack of it – had made my travel desk book me into a suite on the 2nd night. First kiss was when they upgraded me to the suite for today too (ok, this happens sometimes, doesn’t it?). The love-making happened when I realized I entered… not just any suite, but “The” Presidential Suite! Now, how did this happen?

Love sample 3: Columbia application has gone under review!

Your application is currently under review by the Admissions Committee.

You can expect to hear either a final decision or an invitation to interview from us within 12 weeks from receiving this message.

Please keep in mind that an invitation to interview can come at any point in the evaluation process.

Happy V-day to everyone 🙂

Afterthought: Will Harvard & Wharton too show me some love today?

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Keeping track

Some dates that matter a lot, nowadays…

Tuck final decision: 8th Feb

LBS interview decision: 12th Feb

ChiGSB interview decision: 20th Feb

Wharton interview decision: 21st Feb

HBS interview decision: 24th Mar (hope dies 15th Feb?)

Columbia interview decision: 12weeks =  2 April (hope dies 29th Feb?)

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