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Now whats this?

Just received this email from HBS… don’t know what to make of it, I never knew something like this was possible…

Dear Oops,
Congratulations, we have evaluated your application and are extending an invitation for you to interview with us as the next phase of the admissions process.


We regret that due to an inadvertent error, your status on our application website was misreported. We apologize for this. Congratulations once again.





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One…Two… Three

Morning: Ding from HBS (so now its official)
Evening: Ding from ChiGSB (how come???)
Night: Ding from Wharton (huh…)
Over & Out !

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3/3 dings from my R1 apps!

1/5 (ie. HBS) in R2… but I’m still optimistic

ChiGSB calls have started, and though I’ve yet to receive one, I’d rather wait for 9am CST tomorrow before jumping to conclusions!

Next are Wharton (27th) and LBS (28th) – whatta week this is going to be 😉

And Columbia is still to send me the interview invite – maybe this week?


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Dates on my radar…
Wharton final decision: 27th Mar (anytime after 7th Mar?)

ChiGSB final decision: 26th Mar (anytime after 7th Mar?)

HBS interview decision: 26th Mar (expected Ding!)

LBS final decision: 28th Mar

Columbia interview decision: anytime (hope dies in a week!)

On another note, I have finally crossed 100 posts (this one is the 101st) – surprising bcoz I wasnt sure initially whether this attempt at blogging would be sustained beyond 8-10 posts, but the entire application process (starting with the GMATs, then the essays, and now interviews) has been so all-consuming that I have been literally surviving on my blog and other blogosphere comrades.

To share some basic analysis (after all I’m a consultant, we get orgasms at the hint of data),

100 posts in 276 days : average 66 hours between posts (great!)

36,855 views : 135 views daily (270 views daily in the last 2-3 months)

311 comments : more than 3 involved readers for every post 🙂

3216 spam : now thats what I call a popular blog !

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A $ 250 write-off for my personal P&L! Thats how HBS is turning out to be – with no interview invite on 21st Feb!

Not that I’m complaining much… I sorta knew this from the start – I did NOT have a decent shot at HBS (given age/ok-to-hi GPA/etc), but could not resist applying! I don’t want to remain in a hypothetical “what could have been” world later – its better to try and find out.

What is surprising, however, is that while I knew I was “too old” for HBS, this season is turning out to be “too old” even for many 28-29 YOs. Which is why I’m not at all feeling saddened by a lack-of-HBS-invite… I just don’t want to be in a class full of 25 YOs! Its not that 25 YOs are incompetent (I didnt think I was, when I was 25) its just that there are certain things – like drive, fresh approach, etc – that younger people bring to the table, and others – wide ranging experience for starters – that a 28-32 age bracket contribute. With a good balance, and I would IMHO put that at 60:40 or 70:30 between the <28 and >28 ppl, the entire class benefits. Without it everyone loses! Especially true when the study method is 100% case based !!!

The reverse may actually hold true for LBS – but lemme first convert it into an admit, and then think whether the mix attracts me enough. Right now I don’t even have a date for my interview, still waiting for their adcom rep to confirm the alum.

What I do have is 2 IVs – ChiGSB and BigW – coming up, both within the next 6 days, so I’ll get started on the prep now 🙂

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Keeping track

Some dates that matter a lot, nowadays…

Tuck final decision: 8th Feb

LBS interview decision: 12th Feb

ChiGSB interview decision: 20th Feb

Wharton interview decision: 21st Feb

HBS interview decision: 24th Mar (hope dies 15th Feb?)

Columbia interview decision: 12weeks =  2 April (hope dies 29th Feb?)

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Its on in full steam now! The wait for (1) an admit (2) an interview invite (3) or even an update on my R2 submitted applications.

Harvard: submitted on 3rd Jan

No change in the AY application status, but I’ve heard HBS doesn’t believe in that; they rely on email and I’m keeping a close eye on my junk mail

Wharton: submitted on 3rd Jan

Still in Received status, not sure whether it will get into ‘Complete for Round 2’ – waiting for 24th with bated breath

LBS: submitted on 4th Jan

No change in the status – and I dont expect any either 🙂

Chicago GSB: submitted on 9th Jan

The quickest moving application yet – went ‘Complete’ on Jan 20th; hoping for an interview invite – last date Feb 20th!

Columbia: submitted on 10th Jan (IST)

Apparently, they have received & printed my application, and are matching supplemental materials with my file (what material? I never sent anything offline!)

So thats that! Waiting for Godot 😦

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