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An update on my app.process

Darden :

Reviewer 1 said the first essay needs to be better aligned with the question – what matters most to you? Currently it seems like a regular career essay without passion. Ok point taken. I almost knew this beforehand 🙂 The other two essays have some feedback points, which I’ve incorporated. Now to get that passion! And send them to reviewer 2.

MIT Sloan:

Reviewer 1 has only been able to check the essays and needs to go thu them in more detail later. First thoughts: cover letter looks quite (more…)


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After my dismal performance in meeting R1 deadlines for my top schools, I’m now taking a different path. My basic career goals essay is done, and the aim is to now take essays by school and complete them. I realized I was going all over the place trying to hit sixes!

I’m onto my MIT Sloan essays full steam now. After a fortnight of (more…)

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After a weekend of deliberation, I have decided to push all applications to R2. A few reasons for this :

1. I’ve recently started an outstation project, which has acted as speed-breaker to my essays in the last week.

2. This and other things have resulted in my career goals essay still not being complete. Its almost there, only a few minor (more…)

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