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D.I.N.G. from Tuck!  Current ding score = 3/3 😦
Not even a waitlist?
But maybe it isn’t so bad – they offered me proactive feedback to help me reapply next year. Maybe I will…
Right now I have my five round2 schools and their prospective (but not yet visible) IV invites into worry about!

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Keeping track

Some dates that matter a lot, nowadays…

Tuck final decision: 8th Feb

LBS interview decision: 12th Feb

ChiGSB interview decision: 20th Feb

Wharton interview decision: 21st Feb

HBS interview decision: 24th Mar (hope dies 15th Feb?)

Columbia interview decision: 12weeks =  2 April (hope dies 29th Feb?)

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Tuck & Darden

Two schools I had applied to purely because of their culture and my fit with them were Tuck & Darden. I had received very high opinion of both these schools, though in slightly different areas. Some Tuck alumni I knew convinced me about the close knit community at Tuck. This is really in line with my own priorities in life and career. No, it was not because I can get a response from 99% Tuck alumni in 1-2 days and this would help my networking. Yes, thats important, but the BIG reason is that I strongly believe that business is about people. (If it weren’t, then soon computers would rule and business skills will not be required.*) Even  If I can spend 2 years with people who care for each other, I would learn more than if I got 25 of the best faculty in the world!With Darden, it was a similar reason. The feedback was again high on community, though less than Tuck. The added part was case study and extreme academic orientation. This interested me since its been ages since I last stepped into a classroom, and I think I have decent work experience. Grounding myself with the theoretical frameworks is what I want now, and Darden fit the bill in that respect.

My thoughts are differing now, although I’ll say its biased because of their respective adcoms. I’ve written about Darden’s adcom & policies before, but I’ll add a few things:

1. After deeper thought, I understand some of the issues are natural (delay in interviewing, etc), this being the first year they’re inviting people to interview & all. But… they should keep people informed. That, I believe, is the first rule of people management.

2. Even if they’re not hyper-active in communication, the least one can do is to reply to mails. I’ve myself sent in 4 mails over the last 1 month, 2 each to the adcom & my account manager, but have not even received an automated acknowledgement (I hate that stuff actually) leave alone a response.

Now compare this with Tuck! Every mail I’ve sent (including some idiotic queries, which I wish I could recall! Or maybe erase from their memories like the Haitian does in Heroes) has been replied to very politely, and very promptly.

And sample this… the email I got 2 days after my interview:

Dear XYZ, Thank you for interviewing with Tuck. We hope you enjoyed your experience. If you have additional questions about Tuck or the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us at Tuck.Admissions@Dartmouth.edu.All the best,

Tuck Admissions Team

I thought it was a really nice gesture on the part of Tuck adcom to send this mail. Really! they didnt need to…Small thing probably, but finally its the small things that matter in life, isn’t it?

I know one shouldn’t judge a school by the adcom, and like m@ pointed out “it’s more like marrying someone when you don’t get along with your new spouse’s ex-husband”. But if the ex-husband is deciding who’s coming / not coming into the spouse’s life, then who’s the real husband??? 😉


* Will computers take over our business decisions soon? I have some thoughts which I’ll gather & post soon…

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Some thoughts & self-evaluation on my 1st round applications:

MIT Sloan : submitted on 30th Oct

No interview call yet; I’ve been optimistic, but reality is soon going to bite, on 28th, the day their Round 1 decisions are due. So this may be the end of the road for me at MIT. Agreed they claim to hand out invites till the last day, but practically thats a longer shot than getting into HBS with 100% scholarship 🙂

Darden: submitted on 1st Nov

No love here too! Darden R1 invites seem to have ended – haven’t heard of any new interview invites in the last 2 weeks. In hindsight, my essays were quite weak (but then what do they expect in 300 words?) Maybe they’ll still want to talk to me…

Tuck: submitted on 14th Nov

Got an adcom-initiated interview invite & talked to a 2nd year student. Not a great interview, but not bad enough for a ding either! Results are due on 8th Feb. Lets c…

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Tuck interview update

A recap of my Tuck interview…
I had a telephonic interview with a second year Tuckie in the first week of Jan’08 – what a way to start the new year 🙂 After the pleasantries, we moved on to the expected “take me through your resume” question, which flowed into the Why MBA and Why Tuck threads. Frankly, I dont know why these took as long as they did, but the interview lasted about 40 min!
I think I did okay on the main resume question, as well as the Why MBA part. I’m not too happy with my answer to Why Tuck, as there were so many reasons, but I ended up giving only one – the people, and digressed…. I’ve heard this ‘fit’ is the most important question, so that scares me a bit, but otherwise it was a nice interview on the whole.
I guess now its a wait to Feb 8th, to see how nice …

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I’ve got into this blog routine about 3-4 times a week. When I’m tense and nervous, it becomes daily. And when I stop, it means I’m in deep S#!T
So what happened over the last 10 days?
  • workload got overwhelming: 13-15 hrs/day
  • managing the final sprint for HBS,Wharton & LBS: 5-6 hrs/day
  • thinking about preparing for my Tuck interview: 1-2 hrs/day
  • maintaining whatever’s left of daily health’n’hygiene: 1-2 hrs/day
And what have you? An insomniac zombie at work + zero initiative at essay time!
What else happened?
Well for starters, 2 demises in the close family on D-day (3rd evening) coupled with the slow AY servers near deadline meant I barely got thru my HBS app in, and missed the Wharton one by about half an hour 😦
Now normally, something like this would have me sooper depressed! Yes I am depressed – but not as much for missing the deadline but curious about bigger stuff like life & death.
Anyways, I’m still battling on… Chicago application is complete, and Columbia should be done by 9th as well.
And yes, I’m still hopeful Wharton won’t push me into R3 – esp. if they are true to their commitment of building the best possible class…. But if they do play by the letter of law, then thats their loss

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I received my Tuck interview invite! Yippee!!!

Dear Oops,

The Admissions Committee has received your application and would like to offer you the opportunity to interview with us.

A Tuck Admissions Associate (second year student interviewer) will be in touch via email to schedule a time for a phone interview. If you have not been contacted within a week please contact admissions.

Please note that all interviews are weighted equally, whether conducted in person, via phone, by admissions staff, student interviewers, or alumni.If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Cameron Steese at Cameron.Steese@tuck.dartmouth.edu.

Tuck Admissions

Though they sent it on 5th(EST), I did not see the mail from Tuck till just now, as it had gone to my Junk folder (gmail is effective, a bit too much) – and had to do some scavenging! That when Chaos discussed his invite came through email. Hey Guys, you should just change the status on the AY site, it would be easier for us.

Anyways, now I’m waiting for a mail from a 2nd year student who would fix up a suitable time to conduct a telephonic interview. Good – I was under the impression that Tuck has some kinda full-time admissions representative in Delhi and I would have to travel. Considering how travel-phobic I am, further increased by my consulting travel, I was really dreading this. But telephonic interviews are cool, you can keep your essays in front of you 🙂

What I still dont know is:

1. Are the interviews blind, or will they have my application? (assumption: latter)2. Will they ask general ‘Why MBA/Tuck/career goal’ questions, or more on the ‘give me an example when you…’ types (assumption: both, focus on former)3. What are the admit rates for people invited to the IV? (no clue yet)Also, I haven’t seen any Tuck interview invites on the applicant blogosphere, except Chaos, so maybe ppl havent checked their junk folder yet 😉


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