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One…Two… Three

Morning: Ding from HBS (so now its official)
Evening: Ding from ChiGSB (how come???)
Night: Ding from Wharton (huh…)
Over & Out !

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3/3 dings from my R1 apps!

1/5 (ie. HBS) in R2… but I’m still optimistic

ChiGSB calls have started, and though I’ve yet to receive one, I’d rather wait for 9am CST tomorrow before jumping to conclusions!

Next are Wharton (27th) and LBS (28th) – whatta week this is going to be ūüėČ

And Columbia is still to send me the interview invite – maybe this week?


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I’m Back :-p

Some word-associations for the last fortnight…

Wait, Travel, Hectic, Wait, Friends, Tension, Wait, Beer, Campus-visits, Wait!

Almost 20 days since my last post, and one of my least-blogging months since I started this blog. I am now back in India after 2 weeks of hectic traveling, work and partying!

A quick update (before some more detailed posts later):

  • Completed my LBS interview 2 weeks back, and left for a work/leisure trip to the US on the same day
  • Visited Chicago (on work), NYC & Philly (friends¬†N family)
  • No prizes for guessing which schools I visited (okay… GSB, Wharton, CBS… for those who still couldn’t guess!)
  • Averaged about 7-8 pints of beer daily(!)¬†over the last one week
  • Back to work today ūüė¶

Will post more details and pics soon Рlotsa pending work to catch up on!

PS- And what was the ‘wait’ all about? Huh

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So many things troubling me over the last few day… I’m becoming an angry young (old?) man now!

First¬†my LBS interview schedule finalization. Its just not getting finalized. LBS took more than 3 weeks to assign me an alum, and you know what – he’s from a competing consulting firm! So that gives rise to two BIG problems:

  1. First, our travel schedules don’t match! days when he’s traveling and other days I am, compounded by the fact that LBS has given us time till Friday 6th (a princely 9 days including the weekend, since they assigned the interviewer). I still have no clue whether this is possible at all, and even if LBS gives us grace period beyond the timeframe, I’m traveling abroad this Saturday. Distressed? Irritated? this is just the start…
  2. Provided the IV does happen, I’m not sure how much detail I’ll be able to go into regarding my career history /projects. With client confidentiality paramount, I cannot share much on what initiatives I’ve done and how that generated results. With an adcom, its fine as they probably do zillion interviews, and the info is not directly usable for them, but with a¬†principal from a competing firm? Maybe not!¬†Dilemma – and no way to get out of it, except for stating such groundrules upfront. Dont know how he’ll take it though…

What else? Did I mention work? That’s getting irksome, and how… first no one wants to take decisions and move forward, not my boss, not the client people, no one – hey! my deliverables are at stake here! if that wasn’t enough, I’m overloaded (which in part is why my LBS interview scheduling is being hit). Mostly due to the fact that I’m flying overseas and won’t be back for a couple of weeks – part work/part leisure !

Which brings me to my planned US trip next week. I’m excited I’ll be able to take some time out for a ChiGSB visit, as my work is in Chicago itself. I’ll most prob also be visiting Wharton as I¬†might be able to squeeze out a few days leave. Lets see! I’m hopeful of getting into both schools (optimism¬†= the greatest cure for anxiety!) & possibly the¬†luxury of choosing one of them ūüôā so these visits will be paramount in the absence of¬†a welcome weekend visit – too costly, that…

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Wharton, Jackie & me

Had the Wharton Hub interview yesterday, so another quick recap :

WHO: I interviewed with Jackie Zavitz – yes, the adcom’s face on s2s, she’s conducting all interviews for the India Hubs

WHAT: Again,¬†a ‚Äėtypical‚Äô admissions interview, with the usual suspects

  • Walk me through your resume (ok… press the ‘play’ button)
  • Career goals – this was explored a bit with some followup queries, but nothing tangential
  • Why MBA? Why Wharton? (yes, this was again a single question, great!)
  • What do you do in your after-work spare time? (Spare time? didn’t she know I was in consulting? we just travel! and learn to see that as an ECA)¬†
  • Any questions for me?
  • Any changes / Anything else you¬†have added to your profile post the submission of your application? (Err no…. I’m still into the same job routine)
Very tight 30 min interview Рabout 25 min to answer her questions, and another 5 for mine РI hardly had any, because bw their website and s2s and my alumni friends, I think I knew enough; and I didnt want to ask just any question to score some marks.

BOTTOMLINE: I am¬† pleased with my performance, though I wish I had some more time. I probably remembered¬†only about 15¬†points I wanted to say, once I got back home ūüôā But then, the interview was conducted in a very ‘to-the-point’ and under tremendous time-limitations that I couldn’t really afford to digress much!

PARTING SHOT: “You’ll hear from us on March 21st now” (read as – “pls dont keep asking us when the decisions are coming out, can they be released earlier, etc” – makes sense!)

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Dates on my radar…
Wharton final decision: 27th Mar (anytime after 7th Mar?)

ChiGSB final decision: 26th Mar (anytime after 7th Mar?)

HBS interview decision: 26th Mar (expected Ding!)

LBS final decision: 28th Mar

Columbia interview decision: anytime (hope dies in a week!)

On another note, I have finally crossed 100 posts (this one is the 101st) – surprising bcoz I wasnt sure initially whether this attempt at blogging would be sustained beyond 8-10 posts, but the entire application process (starting with the GMATs, then the essays, and now interviews) has been so all-consuming that I have been literally surviving on my blog and other blogosphere comrades.

To share some basic analysis (after all I’m a consultant, we get orgasms at the hint of data),

100 posts in 276 days : average 66 hours between posts (great!)

36,855 views : 135 views daily (270 views daily in the last 2-3 months)

311 comments : more than 3 involved readers for every post ūüôā

3216 spam : now thats what I call a popular blog !

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A $ 250 write-off for my personal P&L! Thats how HBS is turning out to be – with no interview invite on 21st Feb!

Not that I’m complaining much… I sorta knew this from the start – I did NOT have a decent shot at HBS (given age/ok-to-hi GPA/etc), but could not resist applying!¬†I don’t want to remain in a hypothetical “what could have been” world later – its better to try and find out.

What is surprising, however, is that while I knew I was “too old” for HBS, this season is turning out to be “too old” even for many 28-29 YOs. Which is why I’m not at all feeling saddened by a lack-of-HBS-invite… I just don’t want to be in a class full of 25 YOs! Its not that 25 YOs are incompetent (I didnt think I was, when I was 25) its just that there are certain things – like drive, fresh approach, etc – that younger people bring to the table, and others – wide ranging experience for starters – that a 28-32 age bracket contribute. With a good balance, and I would IMHO put that at 60:40 or 70:30 between the <28 and >28 ppl, the entire class benefits. Without it everyone loses! Especially true when the study method is 100% case based !!!

The reverse may actually hold true for LBS – but lemme first¬†convert it into¬†an admit, and then think whether the mix attracts me enough. Right now I don’t even have a date for my interview, still waiting for their adcom rep to confirm the alum.

What I do have is 2 IVs – ChiGSB and BigW – coming up, both¬†within the next 6 days, so I’ll get started on the prep now ūüôā

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