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Now comes the big thing – actually making a big decision in my life!

First decision point: Do I want an MBA at this stage? Now before anyone questions that this should have been the first decision and not the last, I agree. But being the ultimate procrastinator, I had pushed this (more…)


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Okay, before you misinterpret… I have NOT been admitted to any of my awaited schools

Not yet anyway!

But I made a cracker of a start today – I resigned from my job 🙂 and I can’t help smiling 🙂 🙂

Am I super confident of getting in? NO!

But this was long overdue*, and if I dont make it thru B school this year, I’ll put Plan B into action. The problem is… I have 3-4 Plan B’s, and I need to prioritize – but then we’ll cross the bridge when we reach it.

* Why? Why’s to be answered later… Chicago results due in 2 hrs!


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Yesterday, I returned from H’bad, a bit unsure of my MBA dreams. Why?

I’d gone there to recruit for my firm from ISB – which is among the top Bschools in India after the IIMs. Friday was their Consulting day & after meeting more than 20 candidates for about an hour each, I returned to my hotel room at midnight. A strong feeling of life’s ironies – recruiting post MBA students when I’m looking at joining an MBA

Did it made sense for me to go back to school when…

  1. I am senior enough in my firm to be recruiting MBA candidates (actually I am senior enough for people 2-3 years junior to me also recruiting!)
  2. My post-MBA plans do not involve a career shift big enough that it cannot be accomplished without an MBA
  3. point no.2 restated: my post MBA career goals are ambitious enough, that if I actually achieve them on graduation in 2010, I could have achieved them even without an MBA with 75-80% certainty

Need to think thru this soon

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Return of the Outsider

Okay, okay… I accept it – I’m out of ideas, even for my post titles; so I’ve taken a cue from Hollywood’s creative bankruptcy and am doing sequels now!

The good part, however, is that I’ve finally got an idea for (more…)

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I’m back! and the vacation has done me good – I’ve got a break from essays and applications, and also did some thinking on Plan B career options.

I’m done with consulting, and the only reason I’m sticking on right now is ‘coz I dont want to complicate my (more…)

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