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Now comes the big thing – actually making a big decision in my life!

First decision point: Do I want an MBA at this stage? Now before anyone questions that this should have been the first decision and not the last, I agree. But being the ultimate procrastinator, I had pushed this (more…)


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Okay, before you misinterpret… I have¬†NOT been admitted to any of my awaited schools

Not yet anyway!

But I made a cracker of a start today – I resigned from my job ūüôā and I can’t help smiling ūüôā ūüôā

Am I super confident of getting in? NO!

But this was long overdue*, and if I dont make it thru B school this year, I’ll put Plan B into action. The problem is… I have 3-4 Plan B’s, and I need to prioritize – but then we’ll cross the bridge when we reach it.

* Why? Why’s to be answered later… Chicago results due in 2 hrs!


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So many things troubling me over the last few day… I’m becoming an angry young (old?) man now!

First¬†my LBS interview schedule finalization. Its just not getting finalized. LBS took more than 3 weeks to assign me an alum, and you know what – he’s from a competing consulting firm! So that gives rise to two BIG problems:

  1. First, our travel schedules don’t match! days when he’s traveling and other days I am, compounded by the fact that LBS has given us time till Friday 6th (a princely 9 days including the weekend, since they assigned the interviewer). I still have no clue whether this is possible at all, and even if LBS gives us grace period beyond the timeframe, I’m traveling abroad this Saturday. Distressed? Irritated? this is just the start…
  2. Provided the IV does happen, I’m not sure how much detail I’ll be able to go into regarding my career history /projects. With client confidentiality paramount, I cannot share much on what initiatives I’ve done and how that generated results. With an adcom, its fine as they probably do zillion interviews, and the info is not directly usable for them, but with a¬†principal from a competing firm? Maybe not!¬†Dilemma – and no way to get out of it, except for stating such groundrules upfront. Dont know how he’ll take it though…

What else? Did I mention work? That’s getting irksome, and how… first no one wants to take decisions and move forward, not my boss, not the client people, no one – hey! my deliverables are at stake here! if that wasn’t enough, I’m overloaded (which in part is why my LBS interview scheduling is being hit). Mostly due to the fact that I’m flying overseas and won’t be back for a couple of weeks – part work/part leisure !

Which brings me to my planned US trip next week. I’m excited I’ll be able to take some time out for a ChiGSB visit, as my work is in Chicago itself. I’ll most prob also be visiting Wharton as I¬†might be able to squeeze out a few days leave. Lets see! I’m hopeful of getting into both schools (optimism¬†= the greatest cure for anxiety!) & possibly the¬†luxury of choosing one of them ūüôā so these visits will be paramount in the absence of¬†a welcome weekend visit – too costly, that…

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Phew, what a week!!!

I just sent off my HBS+CBS essays to my reviewers! Dont know what they’ll say, but¬†the load is off my back. Frankly I’m not too sure of my HBS essays, mainly the first & most important one, accomplishments! Not that I don’t have any, but putting them across in 200 words each is very very very tight. Keeping my fingers crossed…

My new project is too hectic. ‘Up-to-speed’ in a capital¬†projects¬†industry [when you havent even heard about the top companies in the industry except for their booming stock prices]¬†means endless night-outs, and with essays going simultaeously its a nightmare (pun unintended). But I had promised myself I’ll be through HBS¬†‘quarter-final’ by 16th … so I’ve had less than¬†10 hours of sleep in the last 96 hours :-0 (that’s me yawwwwning) !!!

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I received my Tuck interview invite! Yippee!!!

Dear Oops,

The Admissions Committee has received your application and would like to offer you the opportunity to interview with us.

A Tuck Admissions Associate (second year student interviewer) will be in touch via email to schedule a time for a phone interview. If you have not been contacted within a week please contact admissions.

Please note that all interviews are weighted equally, whether conducted in person, via phone, by admissions staff, student interviewers, or alumni.If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Cameron Steese at Cameron.Steese@tuck.dartmouth.edu.

Tuck Admissions

Though they sent it on 5th(EST), I did not see the mail from Tuck till just now, as it had gone to my Junk folder (gmail is effective, a bit too much) Рand had to do some scavenging! That when Chaos discussed his invite came through email. Hey Guys, you should just change the status on the AY site, it would be easier for us.

Anyways, now I’m waiting for a mail from a 2nd year student who would fix up a suitable time to conduct a telephonic interview. Good –¬†I was¬†under the impression that Tuck has some kinda full-time admissions representative in Delhi and I would have to travel. Considering how travel-phobic I am,¬†further increased by my consulting travel, I was really dreading this. But telephonic interviews are cool, you can keep your essays in front of you ūüôā

What I still dont know is:

1. Are the interviews blind, or will they have my application? (assumption: latter)2.¬†Will they ask general ‘Why MBA/Tuck/career goal’¬†questions, or more on the ‘give me an example when you…’ types (assumption: both, focus on former)3. What are the admit rates for people invited to the IV? (no clue yet)Also, I haven’t seen any Tuck interview invites on the applicant blogosphere, except Chaos, so¬†maybe ppl havent checked their junk folder yet ūüėČ


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Wish you all a great Thanksgiving weekend!

… and some turkey¬†for thought for our budding consultants —> here

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