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A $ 250 write-off for my personal P&L! Thats how HBS is turning out to be – with no interview invite on 21st Feb!

Not that I’m complaining much… I sorta knew this from the start – I did NOT have a decent shot at HBS (given age/ok-to-hi GPA/etc), but could not resist applying! I don’t want to remain in a hypothetical “what could have been” world later – its better to try and find out.

What is surprising, however, is that while I knew I was “too old” for HBS, this season is turning out to be “too old” even for many 28-29 YOs. Which is why I’m not at all feeling saddened by a lack-of-HBS-invite… I just don’t want to be in a class full of 25 YOs! Its not that 25 YOs are incompetent (I didnt think I was, when I was 25) its just that there are certain things – like drive, fresh approach, etc – that younger people bring to the table, and others – wide ranging experience for starters – that a 28-32 age bracket contribute. With a good balance, and I would IMHO put that at 60:40 or 70:30 between the <28 and >28 ppl, the entire class benefits. Without it everyone loses! Especially true when the study method is 100% case based !!!

The reverse may actually hold true for LBS – but lemme first convert it into an admit, and then think whether the mix attracts me enough. Right now I don’t even have a date for my interview, still waiting for their adcom rep to confirm the alum.

What I do have is 2 IVs – ChiGSB and BigW – coming up, both within the next 6 days, so I’ll get started on the prep now 🙂


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