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The Office at School

I got this in my email recently, though it seems a bit dated going by the long chain I got it thru.

It is about the pros & cons of the top US B-schools (especially the culture), with each school typefied as a character from the 1999 movie Office Space.

Very funny, and on-target! Enjoy!

1.) Harvard – Pros: The best academic brand in the world, people from East Timor will know where you went to school. Graduates (more…)


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I just opened my blog, and was so surprised to see 14300 cumulative hits; why? because I sorta remembered it being ~13800 yesterday, which itself was a surprise SHOCK! I recall having started the blog sometime in May (though active blogging happened only from end July!) and my thoughts then (more…)

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“I’ll start next week, let me get my Verbal scores up first”

“I’ll do this tomorrow, I’m too tired today”

After many excuses over the last few months, I’ve finally got down for some AWA practice today. The last score (paper test 48) of 760 helped – god, these paper tests are real morale boosters! I did this one yesterday after a gruelling day with a client, while watching ‘Ice Age 2’ and having dinner – no, I didnt take any breaks – and managed my first ‘perfect’ Math score, and only 5 errors on Verbal… I hope my actual GMAT paper comes out like this.

I’ve already gone thru all the ‘Argument’ topics and most of the ‘Issue’ topics as well, thought about them and formed some basic outlines. Some of these have been during important client meetings, when the whole world seemed to be arguing on something minute and irrelevant to the project  (but to modify Pareto in the consulting/client context –> things that are 1% important take up 99% of discussion & meeting time – more on that later…)

But what i’ve not done yet, is write down even one piece of A or I in the AWA sections on any of the practice tests I’ve taken after the first GMATPrep that heralded my entry into the GMAT preparation field.

So, the few points I’m targeting  this weekend are (in order of priority):


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