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25 days later

I had taken a sanity check on 4th Dec, to get my application process back on track and I’m quite happy I did. So despite targeting 5 very different essay sets, I am pleased with my current status:
Columbia: all essays done, revised, checked, reviewed & modified – even the 21st century MBA one. One reco is in, the other one should come by the 1st. So, planning to kick-off my new year with the submit button!
LBS: done for more than a month, rethinking on whether to put in R2 or R3 – I heard their R3 is like  US schools’ R2, and they even have an R4. Now am I being pennywise n poundfoolish here? need a quick over-the-weekend decision, as I’ll have to courier the transcripts on 31st
Wharton: first things first, the Outsider essay rocks! or so my reviewers said. The problem is that the failure essay doesnt. Attacking it this weekend, so that new year’s eve sees this essay jiving into the night! 3 recos have been activated, follow-up required – this would be my first school with a current employer reco, although an ex-colleague, and not a supervisor.
HBS: all essays have turned out better than I expected. Maybe I need to overhaul my 3rd accomplishment, possibly even replace it… Plus I need to activate the recos soon, as I have already asked all 3 recommenders to use the same Wharton examples.
Chicago:Essays are good, but the ppt looks cool… much better than I expected initially. Just a bit of editing required, and I’ll be home. I’m targeting it after all my other submits, next weekend maybe, as there’s enough time.
So that’s that, a heavy weekend ahead, followed by a very stiff work scchedule next week, and then my Tuck interview (Where are you, my 2nd year Tuckie? You were supposed to contact me 2 weeks back…)

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My current recommenders are both my ex-managers at my previous firm, and I last had worked there more than two years back

I would like to avoid reaching out to any supervisor at my current firm, mainly because no one here knows my plans and it would become difficult for me. Actually I did talk to one of my previous managers here, about 3 months back, and he was willing… but I would only be able to talk to him on phone, as he is based in another city. Don’t know whether he even remembers our conversation!

For the same reason I want to avoid any clients. Anyways most of them are hardly aware of the process, and sorry for being blunt and arrogant, dont think any of them would be able to write properly. My only other option is an ex-colleague who quit about 3 months back, which is the option I’m seriously exploring now. He was very suportive and even wished me success more than 4-5 times in 15 min.

Now here’s the twist: HBS wants 3 recos, for which I’ll definitely need him! For the balance does it make sense to have 2 recos from my previous company? Will they wonder why I didnt get my current or recent supervisor? Even if I can explain that in some way, will they not think that I did not have anyone else from my personal/community life who could vouch for me? I’m confused how to approach this…

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Sloan recos submitted

And what a task it was to get my recommenders to do this!

Last week I had discussed the Sloan and Darden reco details with Rec1. He’d asked me write out all the points we discussed, and send him the bullets. Boy, thats what happens when you have reported to someone for more than a year – he expects you to do the dirty job, while he can ‘fine-tune’ the material and submit it. And in this case, I’d not even reported to the guy for more than two years now… but I’m damn thankful to him, and I still need to get 5-6 more recos done with him.

Rec2 was a whole new game in itself. After chasing him for the last two (more…)

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An update on my app.process

Darden :

Reviewer 1 said the first essay needs to be better aligned with the question – what matters most to you? Currently it seems like a regular career essay without passion. Ok point taken. I almost knew this beforehand 🙂 The other two essays have some feedback points, which I’ve incorporated. Now to get that passion! And send them to reviewer 2.

MIT Sloan:

Reviewer 1 has only been able to check the essays and needs to go thu them in more detail later. First thoughts: cover letter looks quite (more…)

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After a really gr8 seven days, am back to normal! Depressed, that is.

Back to the real world – 10 days back (check this out), I was rolling off my project, then the partner held me back, and now I really know why! I’m working on this nice n “profitable” 10 day project, where I get to use all my skills gained in the last 5 months, build on many more, AND advise on a strategic PE deal – wow!

Enjoying work after a loooo…ooong time, but thats exactly where the downside resides. No time for essays. Forget writing first drafts, I dont have time for evn dream about where I’ll be in Fall’08. I can steal a moment here and a ten minutes there, but by the time I come back to the reality of essays… time’s up!

The really good part is that I’m working with the head partner in the continent in my current industry – whoops! – and I think both of us have started liking working with each other. I’m sure about my side, and reasonably confident it is mutual. So maybe I can get a good reco (oops, the fifth element!) from him soon…

On second thoughts, 10 days is not enough time for a reco, even if that is 18 hrs/day. Plus, I dont think realistically I can ask him for a reco, in fact I dont think I can even hint to him I’m thinking of leaving X (my current firm, for future reference) for an MBA of all things – he’ll prob lose any confidence in my sane judgement 🙂 On this particular point I’ll put in a post soon enuf

Anyways, life’s hectic, but good and rewarding – from an immediate POV

Not so much, though, towards my career goals!

Soon the twain shalt meet

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The sign of Four

Talked to the last of my recommenders today. He was very excited to hear I’m trying for my MBA, and wished me all the best. So now, along with the 3 lined up before, I’m hitting a count of FOUR – one recent manager from my current job, two managers from my previous job (which I left 2 yrs ago, mind you), and one whom I worked with for 3 yrs (on community service) but some years back.

I still have the choice of talking to senior client managers I’ve worked with over the last two years – 3 people come to my mind immediately, one from my last client, and two from my current one. But dont know whether I really need them, and will approach them only if very necessary. It wouldn’t look good on my firm’s part since both these are ongoing projects. I’m sure they will give me a good reco, but there’s also a risk word can spread within my firm, which I want to avoid at this stage.

So the only hurdle left is the essay bit. Wish someone could do that for me…..

One good thing that came from my approaching these recommenders was that the level of encouragement I received from them was gr8. I knew these guys liked me and valued my contributions, but never expected them to be so supportive. I even reconfirmed with 2 of my other recommenders (whom I’d talked to more than a month back) and they scolded me that I’d not even started my essays. I feel like talking to them every day now, since that will push me to start my essays, but I know if I call them so often they’ll refuse to write my recos – they’ve got jobs to do, important ones. And at their senior positions, I can’t expect their dose of encouragement to be so regular. How would they be able to rate me high on proactive / self-starter / etc? I wish, though, I had one more manager from my current job, but there’s no one else I can trust to keep this to himself.

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