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What am I doing?

Its been 3 days and I’ve not touched any GMAT material or done any test. Te last 590 on Kaplan#1 was possibly the catalyst, but I think I’m too concerned about my essays, and keep thinking about them now that most of the online apps are available. Its like thinking about everything and not doing anything. I’ll become Socrates soon.

590? After getting 700+ everytime (okay I did get a 690 on a couple) this was like a ‘Get real’ thing. I understand Kaplan tests are tough and one could possibly score 50-60 more on actual GMAT, but even that makes it 650, a full 100 points below my target. The Verbal was the real tough nut – Quant 50 was good, but 30 on Verbal? The worst part is I am not even sure about which Qs I got wrong, and why I got right the ones I did. There’s not one Q in Verbal I could bet my life on – and that is most troubling

And then the Sensex crashed today (550 points, no less) – had hopes that the Dow would hold tonight so Monday could see a recovery, but I think thats down too right now. How am I ever gonna pay Sandy for the W essay?


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Sandy or not?

Do I get an essay consultant? Since I dont know too many ppl who’ve been thru the whole process, and I’m not sure about the feedback from ppl who’ve not (would they know what kinda stuff works?) – maybe an essay consultant would help

but $2200? man, thats more than 30% of my 7 yr savings! (okay the low savings are another story…) veritas is offering a 5 school package thru career launcher, for just $1200 – much below their US rates. But I guess they’ll save on costs and get the initial work done from Indians (outsourcing? heheh)

methinks I could use Sandy for W, and Veritas for 5 other schools – that completes my 6 schools, and in case I add 1-2 more, I can possibly rehash the same, add my own 2c from my own research, and bingo, I’ll have another 1-2 essay sets.

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Bye bye H dreams

Sandy says my H&S chances are ‘too slim’ given the age, low GPA, lack of stardust, etc – W maybe a stretch but still attemptable; and I should look at the US News top 15 list to find a fit. Similar thoughts from Linda and Alex

Feel stupid – coz all these yrs I thought I need to be ready, and also suffered from the misconception that 30 types are viewed very positively by the top schools. Back to reality – which bites! Never mind… Chicago, Columbia, Tuck seem good; maybe Sloan, Darden, Fuqua, Stern. Ross? maybe. Kellogg? maybe, but I dont want to get into Marketing.

Need to do much more research, ask people, attend any seminars in Mumbai – whatever. I’m going be start my MBA in Fall ’08 – and prove all these age/GPA theories wrong!

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