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So the first decision point is geography. .. M can possibly get a transfer in her job to NY, so I need to find schools atleast within 200 miles – there, I dinged Stanford & Haas (heheh) whats left are Harvard, Wharton, Chicago, Columbia as my top schools.

Then come other schools on which I need to take a call – Tuck, Darden, Duke, Kellogg, Ross, Stern, Cornell; still need to research all of them.

Actually Chicago, RossĀ & Kellogg are quite far from NY, but they may be worth it – lets see; there’s still 4-5 months to go


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Just so many blogs on MBA hopefuls, that I decided to put in my own 2 cents… dont know whether I’ll get enough time to regularly write stuff, but I’ll definitely hope so.

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