Ladies & Gentlemen,The honors for today go to…

GOLD: Happybunny

SILVER: Tinydancer

BRONZE: Julydream

And if you haven’t guessed it yet, they are the Continue Reading »


Now whats this?

Just received this email from HBS… don’t know what to make of it, I never knew something like this was possible…

Dear Oops,
Congratulations, we have evaluated your application and are extending an invitation for you to interview with us as the next phase of the admissions process.


We regret that due to an inadvertent error, your status on our application website was misreported. We apologize for this. Congratulations once again.




The Silver lining

Every dark cloud has a silver lining…

I got my silver lining with all your comments on my previous post – it really helped me get back on track and look at everything I’ve gained in the last ten months (so many new friends & well-wishers in the blogsphere) rather than what I lost out on (so many dings…)

Thanks guys! I really appreciate the warm support I’ve got from all of you over the past months, especially last week when I needed it most.

On a relatively side note, I got into LBS – yes!!! LBS is a great school and it was not in my top 3 choices previously, only because M could get her transfer to the US, and not UK (and that has changed now). So why is this a side note? Only because right now it pails in significance vs the support from all of you.

Now, as things stand today, I have six Dings, one Accept, one Black Box 😉 What I’m doing right now is to evaluate whether I am going to do an MBA at all…


One…Two… Three

Morning: Ding from HBS (so now its official)
Evening: Ding from ChiGSB (how come???)
Night: Ding from Wharton (huh…)
Over & Out !

Okay, before you misinterpret… I have NOT been admitted to any of my awaited schools

Not yet anyway!

But I made a cracker of a start today – I resigned from my job 🙂 and I can’t help smiling 🙂 🙂

Am I super confident of getting in? NO!

But this was long overdue*, and if I dont make it thru B school this year, I’ll put Plan B into action. The problem is… I have 3-4 Plan B’s, and I need to prioritize – but then we’ll cross the bridge when we reach it.

* Why? Why’s to be answered later… Chicago results due in 2 hrs!


3/3 dings from my R1 apps!

1/5 (ie. HBS) in R2… but I’m still optimistic

ChiGSB calls have started, and though I’ve yet to receive one, I’d rather wait for 9am CST tomorrow before jumping to conclusions!

Next are Wharton (27th) and LBS (28th) – whatta week this is going to be 😉

And Columbia is still to send me the interview invite – maybe this week?


I’m Back :-p

Some word-associations for the last fortnight…

Wait, Travel, Hectic, Wait, Friends, Tension, Wait, Beer, Campus-visits, Wait!

Almost 20 days since my last post, and one of my least-blogging months since I started this blog. I am now back in India after 2 weeks of hectic traveling, work and partying!

A quick update (before some more detailed posts later):

  • Completed my LBS interview 2 weeks back, and left for a work/leisure trip to the US on the same day
  • Visited Chicago (on work), NYC & Philly (friends N family)
  • No prizes for guessing which schools I visited (okay… GSB, Wharton, CBS… for those who still couldn’t guess!)
  • Averaged about 7-8 pints of beer daily(!) over the last one week
  • Back to work today 😦

Will post more details and pics soon – lotsa pending work to catch up on!

PS- And what was the ‘wait’ all about? Huh